Wen-Jie Tseng

Hi, I am a Ph.D. student and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher at TU Darmstadt, Germany. My thesis investigates the physical breakdown in Virtual Reality (VR) - an abrupt disruption of the VR experience caused by a collision with the physical environment. My research goal aims to understand the behavior process for physical breakdowns by conducting user experiments, providing solutions through prototyping, and exploring future mechanisms that could perpetuate safety risks.

Previouslay I worked in the DIVA Group at Telecom Paris, France. I finished my Master’s degree at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, exploring how to integrate input controls and haptic outputs with VR head-mounted displays. Have a look at my Projects and CV for more details.

CHI 2023
CHI 2022
Skin-Stroke Display
CHI 2020
UIST 2019
UIST 2018