It has been a while for the new post. There is still struggle during my research. The progress is always slower than I expected, and I cannot help myself to be very focused. It requires more effort and efficiency to complete two projects this summer.

Fortunately, besides all the pressure and work, friends in MdC threw me a birthday party. I truely appreciate them. I haven’t had many celebrations on my birthday as I remember. In fact, my birthday is all my mom’s effort so that I am able to exist.Perhaps the reason of having less celebrations is that I always live in a place far away from my family and friends. Of course, if you are not being with someone, how do you celebrate with them? As time goes by, I just get used to it. So this day becomes only a symbol that tells me “another year passed, wtf have you done?”.

Being with good people is always a pleasure to enjoy, especially you are very far away from home. People in N and M groups are kind and generous to me. I am grateful. It’s like revisting those six months when I live in Kaohsiung with my parents and my friends who have grown up together.

Because of the people in MdC, I start playing volleyball again, and I continue to pick up my bass learning. I suddenly realise, my life is more than my work (or says personal achievement in my professional career). Of course both of them are important. I probably can find a balance between them. They are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary, they are able to support each other and make both sides become better.

I have a weird goal of working in academic and living abroad. There is still many to do though. The goal is there, but the path is somehow a bit vague. It’s getting more clear what is the next step to do, how to do, and also enjoy the moment of being here. This moment could be happy, shitty, depressed, and so many different possibilities. I have to understand the problems and solve them … petit à petit.