These two weeks were quite intensed. I felt the life style had turned into the UIST phase, and this helped improve my efficiency. I slightly realized what I want to achieve in my phd. Sometimes it still no easy for me to concentrate and work for a long while. The focus reading (or focus time) is a new activity. Me has to read “one” thing for two hours everyday. For example, a paper, a project of code, or a novel. Movie will be a good option, but I already spent too much time on them (and episodes… LOL). Anyway, let’s make use of every single time. Every day is important.

I look forward to talking to other people who share a similar life with me. Other phd students, or researchers. G replied my email and I look forward to seeing G again to know maybe there has some psychological research I can use in HCI. Also, show some of my work and thoughts to G.

I think the “lost” period has ended, and we must end this type of lost because sometimes I just waste a lot of time. Don’t stop exploring, and if we are working on sth, we have to do it right.

Finally, the discussions with J, S make me happy and inspired every time.