Recently I found a crazy artist, Marc Rebillet. He has a fantastic style and high quality of music. However, his performance is pushy and maniac. The lyrics are aggressive as well. I like this weird guy and hope I have a chance to be present at his live performance.

I saw Y’s doc cons. It was so good. Although I have not read the details in his paper, I feel he has a structured approach to his research questions. Besides, I feel he wants to change some fundamental stuff in HCI. Bold and solid. I like his style. The way he deal with a phd, or say, his attitude, is sth I admire.

So I look back to myself. Am I the same type of person? I need to find out what I love to work on and the best way I work. It seems to be an endless and lifetime optimization. I genuinely hope I can become more mature in my second year of research life.