Sharing Surplus Food Efficiently with the Community Nearby

The main reasons for food waste in consumption stage are excessive purchasing, over-preparation, and unwillingness to consume leftovers. In this paper, we created a mobile application prototype, FoodForYou, as a channel to share surplus food with people nearby and take what she/he needs from others’ sharing. Users can search their favorite food sharing nearby their location, start a sharing, or participate in one. Unlike existing surplus food and leftover sharing group on social media (e.g. Facebook), FoodForYou contains personalized recommendation system, dealing procedure, and a reputation rating system to enhance the user’s willing to start or participate a surplus food sharing. With the intention of helping people build a support network which will ease the various waste of food. FoodForYou can be a low-cost and efficient solution for surplus food sharing in the future.

Poster presented at TAICHI 2018, Taiwan.