In August 2021, I participated in creartathon at Inria Saclay. Participants have to create an idea around AI, art and HCI. In one week, we have to prototype the idea and exhibit our work.


House Vibes expresses the emotional state of the house through an interactive visualization. Resident comprehends how they affect the ecosystem, empathise with their house environment needs and tries to bring back the balance through their interaction with the generative sculptural lights.

My teammates (contributions)

Thanks to my team members so that we can make it in the end. :)

  • Katerina at Univ. Paris-Saclay (Interaction Design, Presentation)
  • Kugen at ENSCI (Interaction Design)
  • Olga at École Duperré (Modeling, Visual Design, Sculpture)
  • Léa at École Boulle (Modeling, Visual Design, Sculpture)
  • Wen-Jie (Interaction Design)