VR Fishing


NCTU Museum-School Collaboration Showcase—VR Creative Exhibition

Fishermen's Delights VR Installation

The Jin Ming Pool, the Imperial water park, is located in the outskirts of Northern Song capital Kaifeng and opposite to the Imperial Gardens. Each year in March and April, the Jin Ming Pool is open to the public. The saying "tourists like ants, viewers like walls" can be used to describe the popularity of the site during the peak season.

"Fishermen's Delights" is inspired by the paintings Touring the Imperial Gardens in Spring and Fishermen's Delights in the NPM's collection. The VR installation reconstructs the lively scenery of people fishing in the Jin Ming Pool, whisking players back to Northern Song to indulge in the pleasures of the ancient literati. When fish are caught by the hook, the device will give a visual and haptic response in the direction and level of the force, so that players can virtually experience the process of reeling in fish and share the delight of Northern Song fishermen.

Finally, players will eventually be able to transform their catch into gourmet dishes for supper. "Fishermen's Delights" takes us back in time to experience the pleasures of "feasting by the river with fine wine" as did the ancient citizens of Kaifeng.

Artifact Inspiration: Touring the Imperial Gardens in Spring, Chao Po-chu, Song Dynasty; Fishermen's Delights, Anonymous, Song Dynasty

Creative Team: Hsu Chun-Cheng (Associate Professor, Institute of Applied Arts, NCTU), Chan Li-Wei (Assistant Professor, Institute of Computer Science, NCTU), Tsai Cheng-Chieh, Chen Hsin-Ju, Hsiao Yi-Tzu, Yao Hsin-Yu, Wang Li-Yang, Lee Yi-Chen, Tseng Wen-Jie

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