Zombie VR


Zombie Game with Haptic Feedback - IDVR 2017

Giving haptic feedback to VR users becomes a very popular idea for VR gaming. In this project, we implement two prototypes to generate haptic feedback for a VR zombie shooting game. The first one is a vest with eight vibrators, which vibrate in a circulation while the player gets hurt.

The second protype contains a fan and a spray. It combines two feedback to simulate the gust in the VR dungeon. The outlook and 3D models are shown as follows. We use a servo motor to press the spray.


This project was collaborated with two talented partners, Susanta Sharma and Timothy William, both of them are PhD students at NCTU currently. And it is also the first project that I participated from sketching early ideas to implementing the final prototype. Since I came from psychology, everything of hardware and software was new to me. Fortunately, these two EE guys had patience and tought me many details about implementation. I really appreciate them for working together in this project.

Susanta developed the game structure and the circuits. Timo designed the 3D models and integrated the hardwares. My contributions were a part of arduino code and integrating the hardwares.